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The People Behind StateCations

The Team Almost 25 years ago, we connected as students – some through Marching Blue Band, all as brothers of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. Now, as Penn State Alums, we are excited to be in business together, and to give back to the community we love so much.

Despite the fact that the places we now call home stretch quite literally from coast to coast across the United States, our love for our Alma Mater, and for everything about Central Pennsylvania, runs deep – and it is that love which motivated us to join together in a venture that supports local business, and affords others the opportunity to come and experience this unique place.

We bring a range of professional skills into our partnership. Herb Toplan (Blue Band sousaphone) majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and following graduation was promptly recruited by Hilton, for whom he has worked on both coasts – serving as front desk manager of their Four Diamond property in Short Hills, NJ, and the prestigious Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles (site of the Golden Globe Awards). He still lives in LA with his partner CJ, but we talk him into coming back to hang with us a few times a year!

In addition to his Penn State Finance degree, Michael Rapach (Blue Band trumpet) holds an MBA in eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing from Carnegie Mellon; for the past 15 years he has served as Consultant, Project/Program Manager, Director, and Vice President for a host of financial and healthcare companies. He is currently a Senior Project Director with Highmark. Mike and his wife Jennifer live in Pittsburgh.

Our resident tech wizard John Mansi holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He works as an IT Consultant with IT Solutions Consulting, Inc. His wife, Kim, has tremendous experience in retail management, having worked for Wendell August, Barnes & Noble, and Coldwater Creek. They live outside of Allentown, PA.

Sharon and Lew Lazarow both started out with careers in Education; Lew (Blue Band mellophone) is still teaching English, having finished his 16th year at Moorestown High School. Sharon left teaching for management and front-desk work (something she did throughout her college career); she currently handles the front-desk duties for a local animal hospital.

Over the past few years, many things have changed about Penn State and the football program in particular; in the long run, we hope those changes will be for the better. What will never change is our love for Penn State and everything about the surrounding area. From Beaver Stadium to antique shops, from fly fishing to wine tasting, from Grange Fair to concerts at the BJC, we love Central PA – and we'd love nothing more than to help you love it too. We are excited to put our skills and talents to work for you, our clients.

Most sincerely yours, the members of StateCations LLC:
Lew & Sharon Lazarow, John & Kim Mansi, Michael Rapach, Herb Toplan