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CM8000 - CENTRE MILLS BED & BREAKFAST - The Centre Mills Bed and Breakfast was originally constructed in 1813 to be the local miller's home. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, you can enjoy the - (read more)


Situated between the rural Pennsylvania towns of Reedsville and Belleville, the Inn at Brookfarm is a quiet country hideaway with easy direct access (29 miles away on 322) to everything Penn State and State College has to offer. Four guests have complete use of the private-entrance detached apartment unit: a bedroom with queen bed and queen air mattress, full bath, living room, and complete eat-in kitchen. 4 miles from the 5-star reviewed Revival Kitchen. Ceiling fans. No smoking on property or grounds. No TV or WiFi. Ample parking. Children 6+ welcome. Two dogs on property, but not in the unit. Long-term accommodations available. Average property price range: $125 - $225  ; hosts reserve the right to alter room rates for event weekends at their discretion. Price range listed is per night tax not included. Prices are based on a two night stay. Surcharge for one night stay or additional guests may apply. Rates for weekday and long term stays vary. Please contact StateCations for availability.

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